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Wedding Exit Ideas

Wedding Planning Ideas

We bet you have put in a lot of thought into your wedding day entrance. But how about your wedding day exit? Here are some great wedding exit ideas we know you’ll love!

Since your big day is a once in a life time event, you really should plan all aspects of your wedding from start until end!

Here are some worthwhile exit ideas for your wedding.

• Most couples rent a luxurious car to leave in and wave goodbye to their guests. How about trying something different like getting on a horse-drawn carriage or a motorbike? That would be so unexpected and so much fun!

• If you want to make it a little more romantic, you can hop on a white horse with your prince charming and live happily ever after!

• Another splendid idea would be to float away into the sky with a hot air balloon. And if you make it happen during sunset, all the better!

• One other idea you should consider is releasing white doves as you wave your goodbyes. Not only is it very sweet and meaningful, but it will also present some great photo opportunities!

• Finally, if you’d like an easier and less costly exit, you can have a more traditional exit with your guests throwing flower and confetti while you wave your goodbyes. You can also have some flying lanterns, which would light up the sky and let everyone know that you’ve finally tied the knot!

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